Retailing Slashing ASH

2007-10-15-401.jpg Hironobu Sakaguchi may have a fabulous 'stache, but that doesn't mean things are coming up gumdrops! Oh sure, the Final Fantasy creator has had a modest hit with Blue Dragon, but nothing like his previous glories. But, maybe that's because he's made an Xbox 360 game? Not so popular in Japan. Then again, maybe not! His latest effort, DS title A.S.H. Archaic Sealed Heat hasn't exactly set Japan on fire — even with solid Famitsu scores! The game originally retailed for ¥5,800 ($US 50) when it launched earlier this month, but shops like Super Potato and Sofmap are already slashing prices. Perhaps that rotten title has something to do with it? ASH At Low Prices [Ota Road]


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