Rock Band Demo In Guitar Hero's Base, Killin Its Doodz

rbgh.JPGKotakuite faithful Adam didn't just email us with news that the Rock Band demo kits were hitting Best Buy stores today, he actually went back to his local BB to fetch us some picture proof. And good thing he did, because the music game demo isn't just hitting stores the same day as Guitar Hero III goes on sale, it's all over the competition like an alpha mum on a Wii.

Apparently the demo kiosk, at least in this particular Best Buy, is literally set up within the wire racks housing Guitar Hero III. And if that weren't enough of a thunder-stealer, the ads above the wire racks are for Rock Band. Now Guitar Hero III knows what its like to have Rock Band inside of it and I suspect it's not happy.

Adam ads that the demo features 15 songs, that it was set up on a 360 with a 4-way USB port. Oh and for some reason there was no bass pedal included with the demo.



    More of a question than a comment. I'm looking to buy a Guitar Hero controller and the one pictured in this segment DSC03164 looks unreal but who makes it and what platform is it for? Cheers.

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