Rock Band Final Track List Finalised, Finally

the_outlaws.jpgThe final list of Rock Band tracks—minus local and underground acts that Harmonix staffers are friends with—has been revealed by IGN. The list doesn't include the downloadable tracks that are promised to appear weekly, but does include some new jams from Sweet, The Outlaws, Iron Maiden and Aerosmith. Unfortunately, track reveals from The Killers and Fall Out Boy sour the experience of learning that a handful of classic rock mainstays are joining the line-up. It's all a matter of preference, though, as I'm sure some of you will be groaning at the percentage of Southern rock you'll be forced to play through.

Personally, I'm pumped for the one good New Pornographers song making an appearance and salivating over the prospect of playing through my favourite Boston song of all time. I'm going to be giving so much thanks next month, it should be illegal.

Rock Band: The Complete Licensed Track List [IGN]


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