Rock Band Locations, Locations, Locations

rock_band_venues.jpgWe're dangerously close to the release of Harmonix's Rock Band, resulting in a post Thanksgiving epidemic of crude attempts to ape real life drumming and guitar shredding, but we know little about the virtual locations in which we'll rock out. The Cambridge based developer has been known to thrown in nods to many Boston area locales in the Guitar Hero series, but now they're expanding their reach. Yahoo! Games has pinned down the New York, Boston and Los Angeles area venues, each with cleverly named knock-offs like Heebie Jeebie's and The Snake Pit.

The interview that rounds out the Rock Band preview also sheds light on how venues will be presented. Each of the twelve cities looks to have three levels of size—small club, big club, arena—and each will have a distinct look and feel. The size of the venue also determines how the camera operates. In small clubs, it looks more like a handheld camera; in the arenas, big lighting and sweeping crane shots are the norm.

My only hope is that I will have access to a flipping drum riser just like Tommy Lee did in Motley Crue's "Wild Side". In-game, I mean. That seat is probably still teeming with crabs.

New venues for Rock Band unveiled [Yahoo! Games]


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