Rock Band: Only Bundles Available Until 2008

rbstuff.jpgOur friends over at the bbps got a chance to put the thumbscrews on a Harmonix rep recently at the PlayStation Holiday Press Preview Event in Toronto, Canada about Rock Band. They managed to get a tonne of great info regarding things like price and frequency of downloadable content, competing with Guitar Hero and different development issues. One of the really interesting subjects was that of the bundle vs individual peripherals. It seems that Rock Band will be available as a bundle only through 2007 meaning that you will not be able to buy the separate peripherals until 2008. I realise the wording on this can be confusing so allow me to clarify just to be sure it's understood. Rock Band will always be available as a bundle. However until 2008 it will only be available as a bundle. Once the new year hits you'll be able to buy the separate peripherals, until then it's bundles only. Hopefully that's got it explained properly.

For all the rockin' details on this and other subjects, be sure to check out bbps' great and informative interview.

Rock Band: the bundles, dlc pricing, the Guitar Hero stigma, disconnected gaming and more [the bbps]


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