Rock Band World Tour Offline Only

rock_band_wt.jpgOne of Rock Band's most attractive features, the ability to play Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead Or Alive" alongside other virtual musicians over the internet in the fake band of your own design, may be more limited than originally thought. The deep adventure mode-style Band World Tour feature, one that allows for the formation of a band that tours dozens of venues for cash and in-game prizes, will be a strictly offline affair. According to a posting on the official Rock Band forums, uncovered by the team at Shacknews, was cut due to time restrictions.

The only good news to come from this heartbreaking confirmation is that the online World Tour option is "something [Harmonix]are totally working for in the future" according to the company's community manager Sean Baptiste. He adds that band quick play and other competitive modes will still take advantage of online play.

When asked whether the feature would be included in a planned sequel or simply an update to the first edition of Rock Band, Baptiste responded "I don't know."

Yes, I'm quite crestfallen that my planned virtual band, The Wet Look, will not be rocking out over the internet tubes. I'm starting a crossed fingers vigil that will last until the feature returns to the game, something that will make typing and toy guitar playing a challenge.

Uh Oh... [Rock Band Forums via Shacknews]


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