Rockstar Appeals UK Rating Decision

man2.jpg Rockstar's last-minute game edit may have gotten the game green-lighted for a U.S. release, but the British Board of Film Classification still thinks the game is sadistic. The board says it has made suggestions for changes to the game, but that Rockstar didn't bow to the pressure.

Rockstar told us today why they didn't make those suggested changes:

"We are continuing to appeal the British Board of Film Classification's (BBFC) decision to deny the edited version of "Manhunt 2" an 18+ certificate and thereby ban its release in the United Kingdom. The changes necessary in order to publish the game in Britain are unacceptable to us and represent a setback for video games. The BBFC allows adults the freedom to decide for themselves when it comes to horror in movies and we think adults should be similarly allowed to decide for themselves when it comes to horror in video games, such as Manhunt 2."

I wish we'd get a clear view of what's going on exactly. Come on Rockstar, tell us specifically what the board is asking to be changed.

Manhunt 2 Refused Classification in Britain Again [Kotaku]


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