Rubbish US Dollar Results In Canadian PlayStation Price-Fix

viatheonion.jpgThe US Dollar, it's not looking so hot right now. Something about people not being sensible when purchasing property. End result is that a lot of foreign markets are seeing some issues when it comes to pricing. Like Canada! The mighty Canadian dollar has recently pulled level with the US dollar, meaning one Canadian dollar gets US dollar. Pity game prices don't reflect that: most games and hardware in Canada are still accounting for the old exchange rate. Which means Canadians be gettin' ripped off by about 5-10%.

Enter Sony. They've just lowered the price of both PSN downloads and the PS3 itself to match the new exchange rate, with the Canadian pricing for all PS3 models now matching those in the US ($US 399 for the 40GB, $US 499 for the 80GB). Which is great, great news for Canadians, and a brilliant PR move by both SCEA and SCE Canada.

Though... I can't help but think what Europe make of all this, what with their €399 40GB models clocking in at around $US570. Or Australia for that matter, with our $700 40GB models currently at a hefty $US625. That's a little higher than 5-10%.

Sony Becomes First Game Manufacturer to Recognize CAD-USD Parity! [PlayStation Forums]


    thats nothing try living in australia
    we get ripped of waaaaaay more than that

    It'd be great if Australia could receive some similar price cuts... Paying 25% more for the same 40gb PS3 is a bit much. Don't get me started on game prices.. Imagine the complaints in the US if a next-gen console game cost $98US

    boo hoo canada, sorry i dont mean to be rude but the australia dollar almost gets 1 for 1 with the US dollar and yet we have to pay 120 dollars for a 360 or ps3 game, thats almost double what the US pays for games.

    Pfft, 5-10%? Come on Luke, you should know better than anyone about the ridiculous markup in Australia. Games are twice the price! Games range from $100-$120. That's a 100% markup!
    5 years ago, that was relevant. The Aussie dollar only bought about 50 US cents. These days, the Aussie dollar's getting 90. A rough conversion for USD->AUD is to just add 10%. Not 100%.

    Get with the program Aussie game retail industry.

    Hope they do this here. Granted owning a PS3 is a great thing cause I can get games Cheaply from overseas!

    The new exchange rate for AU to US means I ordered Transformers the HD-DVD from Amazon, and shipped it here to Australia cheaper, and earlier than I could buy it here.

    It really sucks, it's stupid. But it's a fact of live.

    I'll definitely be ordering my new Projector from the US and most future HD-DVD's, because, hey hardware and HD-DVD's aren't region sensitive. It's a pity that games are :(

    The main reason Canada and the US are largely forced to have far similar pricing than Europe and Austral-Asia is that 80-90% of Canadians live with 1 hour of the US border. It's pretty easy to go for a Sunday drive to shop in the US. From Europe or Australia? Not so much and a different scenario altogether.

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