Perfect Dark 2 Rumours Zero In On Internet

perfect_dark_2.jpgThe sequel to the Nintendo 64 Rare shooter Perfect Dark may be in development now at Rare, if rumours from Indian gaming outlet GameGuru are accurate. The report, while decidedly vague and oddly worded, hints that Perfect Dark 2 may wash the extreme flavor of Perfect Dark Zero out of our mouths sooner than expected, with an announcement due in the second half of 2008.

PD2, which GameGuru write is "probably coming along considerably well", is scarce on concrete details. Talk of a "morality system", dark themes and branching story paths are all we're really about to pick out, but the author cites sources from within Rare, so maybe he's onto something.

I'm just hoping for a return of Wall Guy and that Rare puts the interns on bug testing and coffee fetching, not on character design for the sequel.

Rumor 101: Perfect Dark 2 - Xbox 360's Next Humungous Killer App [GameGuru via CVG]


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