SCE Australia Quiet On 60GB Price Cuts, Value Pack

SCE Australia Quiet On 60GB Price Cuts, Value Pack

ps3prettybanner.jpgSo the 40GB PS3 has been announced for Australia, and some people are happy with the $300 saving. Others are rightly pissed at the castration of the system’s PS2 backwards compatibility. The rest are probably wondering when they can start seeing some savings on the existing 60GB model. Well, SCE Australia have let us know that the current 60GB Starter Pack’s price is going nowhere, and will stay at $999, primarily because “stocks [of the 60GB Starter Pack]are all but dried up” (which I find a little hard to believe).

So either Australia is going to follow Britain’s lead and introduce a slightly cheaper “Value Pack” (which includes a 60GB PS3, one SixAxis and two games) or… we just got the shaft (the rest of Europe, of which SCE Aus is a subsidiary, are getting a Starter Pack price-cut). And as SCE Australia didn’t say anything about any Value Packs in their 40GB announcement (unlike the UK & Ireland, which did), or when I asked them 60GB pricing today, you’d all best make preparations for the latter. The latter being, you know. The shaft.


  • Wish they would make up their minds. Chances are I’m going to be forced to buy my 60GB PS3 early before they all try up.

  • I don’t know about the rest of the Australianites, but the starter pack is already on offer at my local Gametraders, you can get the PS3 60Gb a Sixaxis and I think it’s Motorstorm & Resistance: Fall of man for somewhere around $998.

    Also a funny advertisement going with the local EB Games.

    Sony Playstation 3 40GB model only $299 !!
    (When you trade in your XboX 360 and 4 XboX 360 Games).

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