SCEE Explains PS3 BC Backpedalling

SCEE Explains PS3 BC Backpedalling

bc_grumble.jpgBy now, we’re all aware of the price drop and feature drop of the PlayStation 3 in Europe, resulting in a gimped 40GB model of the console. So why, exactly, was backwards compatibility dropped from the PS3? What was once a “core value” and “necessary” according to Sony Computer Entertainment’s Phil Harrison—not to mention a boastful talking point when asked about the Xbox 360’s BC— is now clearly not at all necessary, with the company’s priorities on “developing innovative new features and services for PS3 and not on backwards compatibility”.

Yeah, we get it. There’s an opportunity to save a couple bucks. But why remove the PlayStation 2 chipset altogether, after investing in software emulation and eliminating hundreds of titles from the PS3 library? According to an interview with SCEE reps at GamesIndustry BIZ a “reduced emphasis placed on this feature amongst later purchasers of PS3, as well as the availability of a more extensive line-up of PS3 specific titles” is the reason the company is nixing the once promised support.

Plus, they have 65 PS3 titles ready for the holidays.

Solution? Buy the 60GB (while they’re still available), natch. This is the one time as an early hardware adopter that I don’t feel screwed over. Off to hug my Emotion Engine!

40GB PS3 Confirmed for Europe; Sony Gives Up on Backwards Compatibility [GameDaily BIZ]


  • You hug yours, and I’ll do something else to my $999AU launch system that never head it to begin with 🙁 I like the console though, but if you want to talk screwings, looks not further than AU.

  • I have to admit I really don’t understand the point of removing the software based BC. It certainly doesn’t reduce costs.

    Hell…what was the point of developing the software based BC if they dump it a few months later. Makes no sense.

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