SCEE: PS3 60GB Nixed for UK Too


We ran the story a bit earlier this morning that the UK is getting a 40GB PS3 model at a fancy new €399 price point. The new model won't support PS2 backwards compatibility and will have two less USB ports and no multi-card memory reader.

What wasn't clear from the release was what exactly was going on with the 60GB model, which is being reduced in price to €499. Turns out it is indeed going the way of the US version of the 60GB model.

From Nick Sharples, Sony's Director of Corporate Communications in Europe:

The 60GB Starter pack will remain on sale until stocks run out (a number of months, depending on territory.) Thereafter, the 40GB model will be the only SKU in the SCEE region.

I feel like we need to have a wake or something. Meanwhile the SCEA folks remind us that no announcements have been made for North America about potential price drops, SKU shuffling or new models.


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