Science Proves MMOs Blow Your Time AND Money

mlnw.jpgJust in case, you know. Didn't know. A Syracuse University study, which involved taking 100 people and splitting them into four gaming groups, has found MMOs suck up waaaay more time than any other genre. Of the 100, 25 were given a copy of... Gauntlet: Dark Legacy on PS2. 25 were given Diablo II on PC. 25 were given tokens for the local arcade. And the final 25 were given subscriptions for MMO Dark Age of Camelot.

After a month, the Dark Age players were spending an average of 14.4 hours gaming, more than double the time the next group, Team Diablo II, were spending. As an added bonus, they also reported poorer sleep patterns, poorer health and "were more likely to find the games interfered with their studies and social lives". Interesting results, but would've been nice seeing other MMOs taken into account. I'd like to think the negative side-effects of a Star Wars: Galaxies subscription wouldn't be so adverse.

[AP Press Release]


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