Screw DS Yoga, We're All About DS Pilates

pilatesgames.jpg Konami's made a yoga game for the DS, called Dokodemo Yoga ("Anywhere Yoga"). Somewhat of a niche title, but makes sense — Konami does own a chain of sports clubs in Japan. Though, hot on the heels of the yoga game, comes another back bending Konami title: Dokodemo Pilates ("Anywhere Pilates"). Pilates? Yes, Pilates! You too can learn to control your muscles and improve posture via your Nintendo DS. Basically, it's the equivalent of an instructional video on your DS. Not sure if Pilates is even more niche than yoga or what. I personally look forward to more of these Dokodemo games from Konami. They haven't quite reached kooky, yet. Almost there! Dokodemo Pilates [Famitsu]


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