Second Female Spartan Up For Sale

femalespartan.JPG Last week an auction for the Halo 3 MZ Master Chief Spartan Statue, a sexy, midriff-baring take on the Spartan, ended at $US 2,222 on eBay. Unfortunately, it's since been re-listed, meaning someone bailed on their bid.

As the re-list auction chugs along, the seller has put up another auction for a second female Spartan. This one isn't quite as sexy, but certainly is evocative.

Hawty McBloggy says that she doesn't like it as much because the helmet is off, something you'd never see the big MC do, but I think it adds a bit of humanity to the mythos of modern Spartan warriors.

Second Female Halo Spartan Figure for Sale on eBay [Hawty McBloggy]


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