Sega Hasn't Axed PS3 Golden Axe

golden_axe_beast_ps3.jpgAfter French gaming site Xboxygen wrote of a Play magazine report on Secret Level's Golden Axe: Beast Rider, indicating Xbox 360 exclusivity for the Sega published title, many of you lamented another lost PlayStation 3 game. Fortunately, Sega was nice enough to get back to the gang at PlayStation Universe, who confirmed that the PS3 version of the Golden Axe-themed action RPG was still on track. I'll reserve my "Yay!" until we hear more about the game, but at least it's coming.

Sega confirms Golden Axe is still on track for PS3 [PSU]


    So long as they keep the spirit of those little blue and green elves that steal your stuff in between rounds I'll be happy.

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