Sega Trademarks Golden Axe: Beast Rider

golden_axe_beast_rider.jpgThe Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sequel to Sega's hack n' slash series Golden Axe sure isn't gonna make its estimated 2007 release date. We haven't heard a lick about the game since it was announced way back in May of 2006 but now, we may have a name. Golden Axe: Beast Rider was recently trademarked by the Sega for "video game software" and "computer game programs" and could be the name of the next high-def iteration.

On the other hand, it's Sega. They could've have decided to divert resources to what would essentially be Golden Axe: The Ride at one of its SegaWorks arcade locations. We'll bug them and try to find out more.


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