Seth Green Calls Mass Effect "Choose Your Own Adventure"

a936224128a0b613c7341010.L.jpgWe're quite excited about the potential of Mass Effect's dialog system. Actor Seth Green actually cut around 6 hours of voice for the game (he plays that character 'Joker'), and he gave this insight to the experience:

It's kind of like a "Choose Your Own Adventure," where all the dialogue is interactive. I would just record a couple of different options. You know, if the player went in a particular direction I'd react to it with this line or if they chose this direction I'd react to it with that line. They'd show me a cool picture and say, "This is what's happening," and I'd react with "OH MY GOSH, YOU BETTER GET OUTTA THERE NOW!"

I miss Choose Your Own Adventure books. Have any games really captured their experience yet? Indigo Prophecy gave us a taste, but it always felt more like an amuses-bouche than a substantial meal.

Actor Seth Green on Being the Joker Of "Mass Effect" [mtvmultiplayer]


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