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ThinkGeek's 8-Bit Tie Goes Gold Comment by MeanMF Nominated by sethmad

It's only 45P resolution. It should be at least 72P. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE EXTRA LINES??

The Consoles Defined in One Sentence Comment by bernbaum Nominated by peteer02

@peteer02: Wii: Flail like a moron, It's really just two gamecubes, Grandma loves this shit. 360: White and noisy box, I hope it doesn't explode, Please don't hump my corpse PS3: Rumble is last gen, Can I have some games now please? Oh wait, rumble's back.

Adult Final Fantasy, Chun-Li Cutie, Pac-Man Bra Comment by Mr. Fap Fap Nominated by user.error

@xbulletholes: I would so totally rock that Peach outfit...what with my hairy man-legs and penis and such...

Levine Hasn't Forgotten about DLC Comment by <a href=""?Stormrider900 Nominated by beeporama

Dear Ken Levine,

I think your game is awesome, will you please be my best friend forever? Please check one:

yes [ ]no [ ]

Seriously though, Bioshock is great and I can't wait to see what Ken does next, unless 2K just rides the franchise into the ground because they're desperate for dollars.

Strange Girls Would Rather Touch Each Other Than A PSP Comment by H_Chinaski Nominated by ach77

I think they just broke up. Bear with me.

Girl on Left: "But, I thought you loved me. We made plans together."

Girl on RIght: "I do love you. But... I have to look to the future now."

Left: "It's someone else, isn't it?"

Right: "No, it's... I've just come to realize, I love my PSP more than I could ever love you."

Left: "... I understand."

Right: "I'll never forget the time we shared. But there's a bright new world out there, a bright new world where I play shitty games and go blind watching movies on a tiny little screen. Goodbye, Charlotte."

I Hate the Ws Comment by baberg Nominated by Mischaraka

"I can see the sides already being drawn. Crecente on the LOL side, Plunkett and Bashcraft sticking to their WWWWWs. Soon we'll have a fractured Kotaku - one at and the other at The conflicts will be bloody, and letters will be used in unspeakable ways. Sure, some letters will get away unscathed - Q, Z, X, and most of the punctuation marks will go back to their pre-war lives. But the vowels, oh the vowels, and the vowels' children will watch... ...with their i's"

Bungie Owns Bungie: The Q & A Comment by the-hypnotoad Nominated by agies

Having been around my share of software company acquisitions and spin-offs, this is how I'd bet it went down.

The major players at Bungie were probably chafing at having to answer to MS and go through them for everything, and decided they wanted to go out on their own. Obviously they could just leave and start their own new company (it's been done dozens of times).

But frankly, the MS folks are no dummies. To continue to get value from the studio they had dropped a bunch of money on they decided to play ball with the spin-off idea in order to maintain the strength of the Bungie brand. In consideration of this there is almost certainly some kind of agreement about MS exclusively publishing Bungie games for the next X years as well as them continuing to own the Halo IP and franchise.

Bingo, bango - as nearly a perfect separation as you can get in this area where companies, personal ego, and civil lawsuits usually are the rule.

Sin & Punishment Comment by StartingAces Nominated by karl_hungus

So would it be rated E if it had everyone's blood in it?

Indie is the New Popular Comment by fuchikoma Nominated by TheIrishNinja

It's just like the movie industry, or the comic book industry... indie stuff isn't cool because it's indie. It's cool because the mainstream has failed us on a massive scale and started to churn out derivative tripe - in all three industries. So smaller, less funded studios release something with some originality, and we all flock to it. Don't be surprised when it happens, but it's entirely possible that some of these big studios will just stop making profits, shrink away and disappear, only to be replaced with these "indie" studios, who will grow in and take their place - and in enough time, grow stale and fail themselves. As long as there is new original stuff coming, it's just part of the cycle.

Hyper Multi-Tap is back! Oh, how we missed you. We know you've had some personal business to attend to, but we're really happy you are back. Hooray!

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