Sick of Jubblies? There Is This...

koihimefish.jpg Yesterday, some commenters in this thread mentioned that our constant jubblie coverage "wasn't" fair. Not all our readers like boobs! Some of them love them! Then there are folks who like boomhounds. We thought about feedback long and hard: Those commenters were right. To make amends (hopefully), I'd like to formally introduce the "boomhound" tag and a shameful screen for upcoming PS2 game Koi Hime Musou. That's the tentative title! Originally on the PC, the game is a love adventure title set during China's Three Kingdoms era and features new CG just for the PS2 version. While the game doesn't look big on historical accuracy, it does look big on other things. That, if you dare, after the jump.

koihimepink.jpg Koi Hime Musou [Famitsu]


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