Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

jp_xbox_360_surge.jpgAfter some recent wacky Japanese hardware sales misadventures, propelling the PSP to stardom and the Xbox 360 to a high point on sales of Halo 3, things seem to be settling down. The Nintendo DS still rules the roost, with the PSP still going strong, even as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII works its way down the charts.

This week's biggest surprise? Another sales surge for the 360, which sold more during the week of October 8 to the 14 than it did during Halo 3's debut. Wii sales, meanwhile, remain at a low point. This Simple 2000 had me seriously wondering if Media Create has some math errors.

  • Nintendo DS Lite - 78,746
  • PSP - 59,584
  • Wii - 20,575
  • PlayStation 3 - 12,365
  • PlayStation 2 - 10,181
  • Xbox 360 - 6,161
  • Game Boy Advance SP - 127


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