Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

psp_girl.jpgThe PSP extends its winning streak to week three as sales of the PSP Slim and the continued love-in for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII make for strong sales. And look at those Xbox 360 numbers! Over 5,000! In a week, that is, not the total number of Xbox 360s sold to the Japanese. Blue Dragon may have outsold Halo 3 during its first week overseas, but Master Chief is moving consoles.

The Wii was slightly down again, the PlayStation 3 overtook its predecessor and some Game Boy Micros were sold. Your sales chart awaits below.

  • PSP - 102,809
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 72,895
  • Wii - 24,143
  • PLAYSTATION 3 - 13,105
  • PlayStation 2 - 12,980
  • Xbox 360 - 5,215
  • Game Boy micro - 229


    That 59,000 Halo 3s didn't move many hardware?

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