Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

happyman.jpgSorry, PSP Slim. The jig's up. It was a fun, topsy-turvy few weeks, but the DS was always going to claw its way back to the top once the Slim/Crisis Core hype died down, and that time was last week. It's back at #1. Speaking of dead hype, look at those 360 sales; 5215 of them were sold during the week of Halo 3's release. This week? 1547. Time for Halo 4!

DS Lite: 87,445 PSP: 86,895 Wii: 20,704 PS3: 10,822 PS2: 10,446 Xbox 360: 1,547 GBA SP: 195 GameCube: 109 DS Phat: 90 GBM: 47


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