SingStar PS3 Facing Delays Due To Testing

giantsingstarface.jpgAnyone know when SingStar's due on PS3? Anyone? If you're nodding your head or jumping up and down with your arm raised, sit down, shut up, you're either an idiot or you're flat-out lying to me. Because nobody knows when the things coming. Not even Sony. Appears that while the core aspects of the game are finished, with reviews of the game due to start appearing on the webs any day now, the downloadable content/marketplace functionality and community features for Joe Public are still deep in testing. And aren't likely to be finished any time soon, because Sony are shying away from announcing a release date for the game. Even though you can bet they want this game to be out before Christmas really really really bad. SingStar PS3 release in limbo [Gamesindustry]


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