Six Months To Spore

sporegoodgod.jpgSPORE! Good god y'all...when is it due for? Approximately six months from now. Say it again?

No, I will not say it again. It's already been said by creator and all-around gaming legend Will Wright during an interview with the BBC's Radio 5 Live yesterday. According to Wright, the game is fully playable from start to finish at this point, and has entered final testing. The six months would put it right on target with EA's tentative Spring 2008 release date for the title, first unveiled at GDC 2005 and in development since 2000. Why the long wait?

"We've had to do a lot of testing to make sure that the game is accessible by a wide group of people", Wright went on to explain."I want the people who have played The Sims to be able to play Spore - I don't want it to be some thing just hardcore gamers play."

I'd suggest renaming it to "The Sims: Spore" for maximum market penetration.

Will Wright: Spore "roughly" six months away [CVG]


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