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wagglingidiots.jpgClive Thompson's asking questions over at Wired. Tough questions. Like is the Wii Remote really the answer when it comes to the "perfect" control scheme? He's found a case where no, no it is not, and it's a case a lot of people could identify with: guy's been playing a ton of Skate, and thinks it "produces results that are not only better than the average controller, but better than a Wii". Which leads him to ponder whether the Wii Remote isn't just as artificial an input method as a D-pad and sticks. Your thoughts, peanut gallery? I say he's right, for now, but that a lot of Wii titles shortcomings have been the fault of the developer, not the controller itself. So he may not be right forever. Smooth Moves: In Defense of Really Elegant Button-Mashing [Wired]


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