Slamdance Games Fest Moves to LA


Apparently Park City, Utah may be progressive enough to hold an indie film festival, but they're not quite forward-thinking enough to hold an indie game festival. I personally think that's crap, an excuse made up by the organizers to some how mitigate their responsibility for last year's fiasco, but if it means they're going to start showing a little backbone than I suppose letting them save face is fine.

The Guerrilla Gamemaker folks announced that this year's festival will instead be held in Los Angeles during the "spring/summer".

With the growth of independent games, and the issues facing the medium, Slamdance has decided to separate the Games Festival from the Film Festival, while still focusing on bringing independent artists together.

No mention is made in the press release of the competitions decision last year to first nominate and then kick Super Columbine Massacre RPG from the show. I think the venue isn't the only thing that needs to be changed before indie game makers start to take this competition seriously again.

News: Slamdance Games leaves Park City, UT [Arthouse Games]


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