Smash Bros. Character Leak?

krystal_starfox.jpgA handful of tipsters have written in today to let us know about a potential look at one unannounced character who may be appearing in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. Accomplished voice actress Alesia Glidewell, who will perform Zero Suit Samus' speaking parts—which I can assume amount to brief proclamations of victory and simple catchphrases—also lists Krystal from Starfox and Knuckle Joe from the Kirby series in her online resume.

Knuckle Joe has already been confirmed as an Assist Trophy by the Smash Bros. Dojo, but no mention of Krystal has been publicly revealed so far. Given Krystal's relatively low profile as an identifiable character, I'm just guessing that she'll either appear as an Assist Trophy or in certain cutscenes during the game's single player mode. However, if you'd told me that King Dedede was also hinted at, I'd have told the same thing, right after saying "Sorry, who?"

Regardless of Krystal's impact on the line-up, expect a slight increase in furry fan art. And avoid Google Image searches.

Voice Over & Motion Capture for Games [AlesiaGlidewell]


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