Smashing Xbox 360 Pumpkin Stencils

xbox_pumpkins.jpgWe've been on a bit of a pumpkin tear lately and someone at the Microsoft corporation noticed. They've passed on their own approved designs for your festive fall gourd artistry. If you're a Halloween celebrating gamer who's got carver's block, these helpful Xbox themed Jack O' Lantern stencils will do right by you when showing your console allegiance. The only thing to keep in mind when displaying your J O' Lantern(TM) is to ensure that you fill them with glow sticks of the green variety. Front porches decorated with red (or orange) rings of death is nothing short of a PR disaster.

TriX and Treats [Xbox]


    10 points to the first person to put a red burning candle in the pumpkin on the far left.

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