Folklore on the Wii? Laughter!

0000061026.jpgFolklore (AKA FolksSoul) is a PS3 game. But let's imagine, for a second, just a second, that it wasn't. Hypothetically, could the game work on the Nintendo Wii? Folklore director Takashi Shono says:

We donÂ’t think so.Â… (laughs) The design of the controller is entirely different, so we donÂ’t think it could be played in the same way.

So, it wouldn't work with the waggle. What about with a regular controller (read: Xbox 360)?

No. The game is designed with the SIXAXIS in mind.

Folklore is such a PS3 game that you shouldn't even think about it appearing on any other system — like even abstractly. Got it?
Shono Interview [Riottt]


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