Soldier of Fortune 3 Ad Hits EB Games?


Call me jaded (again) but I just can't believe this poster is really hanging up somewhere at an EB Games. Nothing against the kind tipster who sent us the images, but there is no way that Soldier of Fortune 3: Payback is going to launch in November, landing exactly at ground zero of one of the most game-heavy months in history with little to no fanfare. And, keep in mind that Activision remains totally mum on the subject.

I think this is either a fan's wishful thinking as seen through the eyes of Photoshop or a poster that was sent out way too early to retailers and then quickly pulled when news of the game's... delay?, was secretly spread.

Or is it? Our tipster points out that numerous EB Games have signage and that he snagged this shot from a story that received their poster today. Is it possible for a company to launch a game with no fanfare in this day and age?

Editor's note: I can vouch for the fact that SoF: Payback (note that it's not called "Soldier of Fortune 3") will be launching in November. Unless Activision lied to us at Activate Asia this year. You can read all the details in my write-up. And I'm not surprised that SoF: Payback isn't getting a lot of fanfare - it's being made by Activision Value! Maybe the mothership should start reading Kotaku Australia. ;)




    By looking at the screens on the poster it looks awesome! I rly hope that this is true if not we will just have to wait a few more months.

    pritty sure its banned

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