Soldier of Fortune Gets Refused Classification After All

Soldier of Fortune Gets Refused Classification After All

sofpbnew3.jpgWhen we found out that Activision Value’s Soldier of Fortune: Payback was to be pushed back until 2008 here in Australia, we contacted the local Activision HQ to find out what was going on. We were particularly curious as the States is still set for the original November street date.

While we waited for a reply, speculation was rife. One theory was that the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) had slapped a Refused Classification stamp on SoF: Payback‘s application. When Activision did get back to us, the response was that it’ll be too busy pimping CoD4 and Guitar Hero III for the holiday season to give Payback the PR time it deserves.

Those convinced that the OFLC was involved, well, consider yourself vindicated. Tipster Mike let us know late last night that the OFLC has just entered the game into its database, where the infamous “RC” is quite visible.

I’m shaking my head at the fact Activision still gave us the company line even when it knew we’d find out the truth in mere days. Now that’s dedication.

Update: Activision has just gotten in touch to let me know that they only just find out yesterday about the RC, so the decision to push the release back was made independent of this. They’re just as surprised as we are.

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE: PAYBACK Game (Multi Platform) [OFLC, thanks Mike]


  • Yeah but the reason it was delayed until 2008 wasn’t because of the ban, it was a completely separate issue. O well, I’ll just either import it or download it now. Nice way to increase piracy and support the black market OFLC!

  • Watch everyone complain, but I worry come election time everyone will vote in the (slightly more) conservatives again, whose deputy PM had this to say about censorship a few elections back: “We lifted too many taboos in the 1960s”. I guess shooting virtual limbs off virtual Nazis isn’t giving them a “fair go”.

  • the live in the fantasy world brigade are the only ones who seem to comment, look if this is what you think its all about go become a mercenary in iraq, then have your head blown off its real, then of course though reality isnt in your life ,mummy will plead misguided poor boy when you think its fun to harm someone else for a laugh , christ sake get a life this stuff is crap if this is how the real world is you are a sorry excuse for a life

  • But seriously, it brings up the issue of why games can only be rated up to MA15+, yet movies and the like CAN be rated R.

    If you assume that people actual base their viewing of this kind of material on the clasifications, why should computer games be different to movies?

    Because children are the main target of computer game sales? True, but I refer you to the assumption that parents would follow the classifications. If a parent isn’t willing to take responsibility for what their child watches/plays, why should adults be have thier choice limited?

  • Oh omg go cry, it’s a freaking game. I got to a christian school and have all the right morals yet this game entertains me. As long as i have control it’s nothing more than a mere thrill.

    Your’s Jye.

    15 Year Old, Gamer.

    P.s John Howard Smells.

  • It’s funny statistics show the average gamer these days is 30 years old and are still restricted to a MA15+ classification??

    Who wants to play a censored version of a product?? It’s easier just geting the overseas version!

    It’s funny the government is ready to allow real soldiers do the killing and fighting, but the simulation version is banned!

  • Why is it that the prior two versions were allowed, despite similar ability to blow off limbs from the enemy? Yet another example of inconsistency from the OFLC, and ensuring the domestic retail market loses sales once again (despite the average age of a gamer being well over 20 these days). The cynic in me can’t help but think the government is pandering to the religious right.

  • Lemme see here,,they ban a “violent game”.

    Let’s check the cinemas, shall we?

    Rambo 4 – wont be banned
    Hostel: Loads of blood and gore:Not banned
    “Saw” movies: not banned

    Australia is fast becoming the nanny state: no firearms, no firecrackers, no fireworks, no air rifles, ban trans fats, ban smoking, ban drinking, ban commercials that “might” be offensive to someone(damned if we know who..)

    Why doesnt this country have an R rating so we ADULTS can play what we want without the government sticking its nose in?

    Soon it will be illegal to buy a puppy ion a pet store.

  • While blood effects in SoF appear gratuitous, SoF does not depict Mario molesting Luigi nor is it remotely aimed at little children.

    SoF appears to target a similar demographic to what slasher or horror/comedy films are aimed at and such films often attract (R) ratings.

    A significant portion of Australian game players are adults who grew up with video games (myself included) and the OFLC allows (R) rated film content. As such there is no valid reason why (R) rated games are banned in Australia.

    Banning games because they fall on the wrong side of (M15+) will also needlessly promote piracy.

    The arguement, or excuse, that interactivity of games makes the player an active participant in on screen violence while movie viewers are passive (hence are allowed more violent content) is mute.

    What matters is people’s emotional involvement with what they see on screen – game players and film viewers alike. Watching and cheering on a ‘hero’ slicing through enemies in a film constitutes emotional involvement just as seeing one’s hero character clock up a hundred kills in a FPS.

  • We bloody well get bombarded with propaganda filled news which incorporates war on a daily basis.

    OFLC: You cant stop us downloading, importing, burning, p2ping…one way or another we can get any game we desire.

    I laugh at their ignorance towards the ever increasing tech-savvy cult manifesting within Australia.

  • Why blame the OFLC? Obviously it doesn’t fit into the MA15 rating, the OFLC has very strict bounds it can allow media to be rated within and when it comes to games those bound are even tighter, if a game requires a rating above MA15 the only action they can take is to ban it, no to do so would be an even greater failing of the OFLC.

    Don’t whinge about the OFLC whinge to your state and federal government.

  • -cough- Our government sucks -cough-

    I mean John Howard is a fat cry baby, who is most likely going to lose this up comming election. Why ban a game that wont affect them? Oh yeah lets send aussies over to get blown up in Iraq. Yet when aussies over here wanna play a computer game which is almost the same if not worst its banned.

    Ban the game?
    Ban our soldiers from fighting over there than.

    We lose in game and think -Oh well lets restart- Aussies in Iraq get shot, its game over.

    Theres more things out there in the real world that are more dangerous yet they pick on a defenseless game.

    My opinion, dont ban it. Its our choice what we eat, watch, do, But not what we can play? Geez its less important than watching Saw/Hostel they are extremely graphic. Yet they tell us “You cant play a game that shoots people and their leg falls off” =(!

    Ps Torrents for the world?!~!

  • Heres my question: when does ACTUAL WARFARE get banned? Nothing wrong with sending a bunch of kids to ACTUALLY blow off peoples arms, heads, and legs. Digital violence is just too much, but real, government-sanctioned violence is totally acceptable? Why don’t these people who sit around judging video games put their time to better use and try to ban the predecessor to virtual violence; ACTUAL GODDAMNED VIOLENCE. THIS MAKES ME WANT TO GET VIOLENT.

  • What the AUS Version Of SOF3: Payback, is a lode of BULL no blood no gore no nothing, even the physics are cut down. AUSTRALIA Looks like a really BIG (((((LITTLE GIRL)))))) SHAME EVEN NZ HAS THE FULL VERSION. I believe that AUS gameing commision has a personal vendeta with all the Violent games JUST TO PISS PEOPLE OFF. Its got nothing to do with too much violence, EVEN Law And Order has more MORRALY WRONG THING IN EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.

    A GAME IS A FCKN GAME. Get it through your heads,


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