Soldier of Fortune Gets Refused Classification After All

sofpbnew3.jpgWhen we found out that Activision Value’s Soldier of Fortune: Payback was to be pushed back until 2008 here in Australia, we contacted the local Activision HQ to find out what was going on. We were particularly curious as the States is still set for the original November street date.

While we waited for a reply, speculation was rife. One theory was that the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) had slapped a Refused Classification stamp on SoF: Payback‘s application. When Activision did get back to us, the response was that it’ll be too busy pimping CoD4 and Guitar Hero III for the holiday season to give Payback the PR time it deserves.

Those convinced that the OFLC was involved, well, consider yourself vindicated. Tipster Mike let us know late last night that the OFLC has just entered the game into its database, where the infamous “RC” is quite visible.

I’m shaking my head at the fact Activision still gave us the company line even when it knew we’d find out the truth in mere days. Now that’s dedication.

Update: Activision has just gotten in touch to let me know that they only just find out yesterday about the RC, so the decision to push the release back was made independent of this. They’re just as surprised as we are.

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE: PAYBACK Game (Multi Platform) [OFLC, thanks Mike]


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