Someone Thinks A Spyro Movie Is A Good Idea

spyro.jpgThere are many gaming mascots who deserve a kid's movie adaptation. Ratchet & Clank, for example. Those adorable Raving Rabbids. Shit, even Bubsy could probably scrape together 87 minutes of passable children's entertainment. But Spyro? We have our doubts. But what do we know. The Animation Picture Company have picked up the rights to Sierra's character, with plans to make a "stereoscopic 3-D computer-animated feature". As for the plot:

The story follows Spyro, a rare purple dragon of prophecy, on a voyage of self-discovery as he struggles to come to terms with his potential while finding himself embroiled in an epic struggle against evil.

No director or producer on-board yet, but Steve and Daniel Altiere (naught but the unreleased Dr. Dolittle 4 on their records) will be writing up the screenplay based on the three games. Can't wait. "Spyro the Dragon" Becomes Film [Dark Horizons, thanks Spank Farmer!]


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