Sony Denies "Big Bang" Next Week

no_big_bang.jpgRumors of a "big bang" announcement from Sony appeared on the French edition of GamePro late last week, issuing in a mini-torrent of speculation from internet bottom feeders, console war veterans, bloggers and message board posters. Speculation that Sony would be holding a conference on October 12th seemed to tie in nicely with the now painfully obvious future appearance of the PlayStation 3 40GB announcement.

SCEE has since told Eurogamer that "has nothing of the sort planned", meaning we won't have to wake up early/stay up late to learn what they have up their sleeves. While spokespeople say they have nothing planned nor have they announced anything new, that doesn't rule out a "small bang" announcement about the new PS3 model that doesn't quite fit into the terms provided in PR speak.

No Sony conference next week [Eurogamer]


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