Sony Doubling PlayStation Store Archive Updates

FTD%20Double%20T.jpgIt looks like Sony finally stoked the fires hot enough to boil the water to make the steam to run the engine that is PSN. Because starting this October, Sony is doubling their monthly PSOne game updates in Japan. That means users will be getting two updates a month—hopefully not with just half the games each. While the effect has yet to trickle down to the US market, we'll be waiting. Right here.

Hit the jump for the full list of classics coming today to Japan. King's Field III may be a necessary download. I purchased my original PlayStation just to play King's Field II, but was lured in by the Twisted Metal series and never got around to it. Yeah... I played a lot of TM2...

Sanwa Pachinko Paradise (Irem) Sanwa Pachinko Paradise 2 (Irem) Alundra (Sony) XII Jumbo (Sony) Popologue (Sony) Hanafuda Graffiti Koikoi Monogatari (Hamster) Echo Night #2 (From Software) King's Field III (From Software)

Sony Doubling Archive Output in Japan [ign]


    I think Alundra is a pretty fine game. I like it the last time I played it, long time ago...

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