Sony Goes Trademark Crazy

broadcasting_engine.jpgSony Computer Entertainment went a bit nutty recently at the US Patent and Trademark Office, with its European division registering new trademarks for unannounced software under the names Ember, SkyBlue, Carriage Return, Race Day, and Strings Attached. These registrants coincide with a number of products already released or announced, including PlayStation Network and PlayStation Eye games Snakeball, Operation Creature Feature, Super Rub'A'Dub and Super Stardust. Unfortunately, the descriptions of the goods and services for each, including helpful hints like "computer games apparatus adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor" don't hint at what these products may be.

The company's Japanese division also recently added a new trademark, known as the Broadcasting Engine, the logo of which can be seen above. The trademark info hints less at a software release, instead covering hardware bases on cellular phones, computer mice, video cameras, dvd players, video game machines, set-top boxes and vending machines. This is intermixed with multiple mentions of downloadable media, like music, movies, television programs and video games.

The Broadcasting Engine may be the name of the technology that powers the PlayStation Network Sir Howard Stringer was referring to recently in an interview that took place in Moscow. He spoke of Sony's plans to integrate the PlayStation Network throughout its consumer product line, connecting PlayStation 3s and PSPs to Bravia televisions and Sony Ericsson phones.


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