Sony Looking To Offload PS3 Graphics Chip Factory

sonytoshiba.jpgReuters are reporting that Sony are in discussions with Toshiba over selling their PS3 graphics chip production facility in western Japan's Oita prefecture. Why? It's another step on the road to cutting costs at the company's semiconductor unit, and comes right on the back of the announcement of a new DRAM chip manufacturing deal Sony made with Infineon Technologies AG the other day. If the sale goes through, it'd be the second time this year the two companies have been linked; in September Sony were also keen to sell Toshiba their Nagasaki production facility, which was making the Cell chip. All of which is terribly fascinating to business followers, but what does this mean to you, the idle, slightly disinterested observer? Means the PS3 has cost Sony a lot of cash, cash they're now trying to recoup. Also means you're hopefully another step closer to a cheaper PS3, because this is all about cutting costs. Sony may sell graphic chip line to Toshiba-sources [Reuters]


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