Sony Paid $US 32.6 Million For Motorstorm Studio

filesmotor.jpgTo acquire Motorstorm developer Evolution and their Pursuit Force subsidiary BigBig, Sony forked over £16 million, which translates to a little over $32 million. So is that a lot of money? Considering the importance of Motorstorm in the first year of the PS3 platform and the dollars Sony has sunk into the game's marketing and combo distribution, it makes little sense not to buy the studio before the Motorstorm 2 media frenzy begins and keep the expenses and profits a little more in-house.

But if we have any corporate buyout specialists who'd like to run some numbers and post them in the comments, please, by all means. Until then, we'll get back to drooling on our laptops and coming up with catchy headline words like, "Moneystorm". Evolution Set Sony Back £16 million [nextgen]


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