Sony Passing On Better DualShock For No Good Reason?

dual_shock_3_snap.jpgMGS4 producer Ryan Payton may think the DualShock 3 feels better than the old version—and maybe it does—but according to Sony, the new controller is using Immersion's same base technology from 10 years ago. And it's a major point of contention that confuses Immersion as much as anyone else since they have far better technology in the ready.

I believe it's actually less expensive. The old technology utilizes two motors to create the complex set of sensations, whereas Immersion's new TouchSense technology utilises a single motor, but we drive the motor in unique ways so that you can get stronger yet crisper effects... So you save on at least one motor, there's less power consumption, and you may save on other components and circuitry.

Oh, but it would cost Sony money in new licensing, right?

We have a standard royalty rate... we don't want to make this more expensive and give anyone a reason not to implement it.

Hmmm...then I guess that just leaves the cost of retooling Sony factories money with a better product?

If you find the topic at all interesting (or you just want to spot Immersion talk around possible Wiimote patent violations), hit the link for the full interview. Sure, it's missing Sony's perspective on the Dual Shock, but Immersion is certainly making us feel a little gypped waiting for decade-old technology to reach most of us next spring.

Immersion CEO Talks PS3 Rumble [gamedailybiz]


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