Sony Pictures Exec Chats About Games

yairlandau.jpgInteresting interview up over at, where they're chatting with Sony Pictures executive, the magnificently-named Yair Landau. Who's in charge of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Pictures Digital. And is also a big, big gamer. They cover a bit of stuff, most of it to do with the relationship between movies and games, but perhaps the most interesting is when he's asked why movies based on games are so shitty:

At its core, a video game experience is a personal experience where you are the character and your imagination drives the activity. A story experience is one in which we have created a compelling character for you to watch. Most video games don't have, at their core, a great character that you want to see do something. They have an experience that you want to do yourself.

Note he says most. Not all. Most. So Space Channel and Leisuresuit Larry fans, take a step back. If you're not too busy, the whole interview's good readin'. Sony Pictures' Yair Landau Talks Convergence []


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