Sony Pleading To Keep Third Parties On PS3

ps3_struggles.jpgFollowing another unspectacular month of PlayStation 3 sales in the U.S., showing another month-to-month decline, you might start thinking that Sony was in a bad way. Sony's spin on the 119,000 PS3s sold in September was glossed over in its statement regarding yesterday's monthly NPD sales data, with the company instead choosing to underscore the recently announced 40GB model and the 80GB model's price drop. Worse news for Sony comes from San Jose Mercury News' Dean Takahashi who writes that Sony recently "pleaded with third-party developers not to abandon its struggling platform", attempting to make the argument that the PS3 is filled with untapped hardware potential.

As Takahashi writes, it's a decidedly different attitude, one that's been reflected in Jack Tretton's E3 presser speech and Kaz Hirai's Tokyo Game Show keynote. Both execs approached the opportunity to present a more humble Sony, with Hirai stressing that the company was working to bring down hardware prices and work more closely with third parties.

Is it too late? Many of Sony's PlayStation 3 exclusives have failed to light a fire under consumers and one has to wonder how this holiday's upcoming library contributions will fare in the face of what Microsoft and Nintendo have to offer. We'll soon know if cheap arse PS3s are really all it's going to take.

Dean's Take on NPD numbers for September [The Mercury News]


    Yeah, well, maybe if they, I don't know, left some specific hardware in the Aus PS3? Emotion Engine

    Again with the lack of news from US Kotaku...

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