Soul Calibur IV Features Tasteful Greek Cleavage

cassandra_mitsurugi_sciv.jpgThe fourth edition of Ivy's breasts may be bordering on obscene, only further accentuated by her new, increasingly whorish outfit. Taki's no better in Soul Calibur IV, her tighter than skin tight ninja outfit leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination, making her high kicks the stuff of Hustler magazine spreads. Thankfully—or regrettably, depending on your point of view—the character designers at Namco Bandai exercised a tad more restraint when outfitting Cassandra for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 fighter. She looks to be the female fighter you'll be picking when Mom comes over.

Games Radar has a new batch of screens of Soul Calibur IV, which I don't remember looking quite this good before. They feature a fantastic look at both Cassandra and Mitsurugi, the latter of whom Cassandra's modest rack doesn't seem to be lost on.

Soul Calibur IV [Games Radar]


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