Space Invaders Wall Art

invaderswallart.jpg Is your home decor missing something? That Space Invaders feel, perhaps? Mine's not (woodblock prints of Lu Xun lord over my desk, thankyouverymuch), but if I had a spare wall and a spare $US 45 and didn't already have tons of stuff on my walls that would clash horribly on a number of levels, well - it's a pretty clever (and removable!) use of empty wall space. blik Invader [via bits bytes pixels & sprites]


    That's pretty cool, I'd try it but I think my landlord would kick my ass if I did.

    Unfortunately Blik doesn't ship outside US/Canada (As of October 2008). Maybe when they get their act together they'll get more customers. In the meantime I recommend getting your local car accessory retailer (google 'car sticker' and your country/state/town) to custom make you whatever design you like. Will also be removable and won't peel your paint (house or car).

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