SSBB Gets Stage Builder, "Smash Friends"

various10_071029f.jpg Another Super Smash Bros. Brawl reveals another new cha— Hang on! Today's Smash Bros. DOJO!! update announces SSBB stage building. That's way better than some adding some a character from one of Nintendo's less popular games. The editor lets players pick the background pattern and pre-installed music. From the looks of it, the editor seems pretty straightforward and easy as the controls let you flip parts left to right, enlarge/shrink parts, zoom in/out, swap palettes and erase.

The stage editor is SD card compatible, and the stages can be sent via Friend Codes to your buddies that have been registered as a "Smash Friend." (Does that mean another code to register?) What's more, it's also possible to submit your stages to Nintendo (sounds like one a day). Then, Nintendo will select one from all those submitted and then send that to everyone's Wii, giving players a new stage every day! The site does say:

This is our ideal current plan. We still don't know the exact service period. And future tuning may result in changes to the spec.

Fingers crossed that any changes they make is for the better. Stage Builder [Smash Bros. DOJO!! Thanks to all who sent this in!]


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