Stargate Worlds Next Year

Stargate Worlds Next Year

stargateworlds.jpgCheyenne Mountain Entertainment has been industriously tooling away in their secret underground bunker to bring us an MMORPG based off of the hit television show Stargate: SG-1. Originally announced back in January 2006, MMO supersite TenTonHammer reports that the game is now scheduled for a fourth quarter 2008 release. From Kevin Balentine, Cheyenne’s senior marketing manager:

“We’ve got a playable version of the game inside of our building. I’m not prepared to release our beta schedule yet, but I can say that we’re going to be releasing the game in the fourth quarter of next year. You can do the math and figure out when our beta program will be.”

But math is hard! Tell you what, you guys send us a press release when the beta program info is available, and we’ll go back to geeking out over the possibilities of an MMO with the potential to span an entire universe.

Stargate Worlds Set to Release Fourth Quarter 2008 [TenTonHammer via Blue’s News]

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