Street Fighter IV Confirmed

streetfighter4.jpgWhat could be better than Capcom bringing back Bionic Commando? How about Street Fighter IV? Games Radar is reporting from the Capcom Gamer's Day in London that the 4th game in the series has been officially confirmed. A stylised trailer of Ken and Ryu fighting was shown, but no actual gameplay footage, and while development has started the game is still more than a year away for whatever platform it ends up coming out on, Still, we can all rest easy that it is indeed on the way.

Along with this amazing news, Capcom also announced Lost Planet for the PS3, a new Ace Attorney game for the Nintendo DS featuring and new main character, and an all-new sci-fi action adventure game called Dark Void. It takes a special kind of company to wait 20 years from the release of the original game to finally get to number four in the series. I can't wait for the year 2012, when we'll be playing Super Street FIghter IV Hyper Mega Hologram Remix. Yum.

Street Fighter 4 announced! [Games Radar - Thanks Paul!]


    Hell yes! The title didn't really provoke much attention.. yay a new SF. But after watching that video I'm excited.

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