Super Mario Galaxy Power Ups Revealed

boo_suit.jpgNintendo has uploaded a handful of brief videos for the upcoming Mario platformer Super Mario Galaxy to its Japanese web site as part of the latest Creator's Voice article. The series of interviews sees company president Satoru Iwata chat up game developers to learn more about new releases. In the new volume, the Super Mario Galaxy team discusses various aspects of the design process, revealing new info about the game's power ups. We've already seen Super Mario Galaxy's new Bee Suit—giving Mario a limited hover ability—and Boo Suit—it allows him to pass through grates and walls— but brand new power ups, including nods to classic powers and totally new ones have been quietly announced.

The tiny, fuzzy clips show off a pair of classic power ups, giving us Fire Mario, who tosses a fireball with a flick of the Wii-mote, and Rainbow Mario, who becomes indestructible upon touching a flashing star. Two totally new powers, the Spring Suit and Ice Suit breathe new life into the platformer.

The Spring Suit isn't white cotton formal clothing safe for pre-Labor Day wear, but an actual metal spring that surrounds the chubby plumber, causing him to bounce from head to toe. The Spring Suit also gives Mario a massive jumping boost for climbing to hard to reach places.

The Ice Suit is perfect for water levels, as it creates a frozen platform under Mario's feet, allowing him to walk on water. Just, don't call it the Jesus suit.

If you want to watch the clips, head on over the Creator's Voice page. And bring your patience.

Super Mario Galaxy Creator's Voice [Nintendo of Japan]


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