Super Paper Mario, The Movie Idea

super_paper_mario_02.jpgThe highly talented King of Kong director Seth Gordon wants to make the Super Paper Mario movie. I mean, no one's asking him to make it, but he wants to make it. The guy is totally ready. Anytime.

I'd love, really love, to adapt Super Paper Mario into a movie, a movie that would constantly switch from 2D to 3D. In five years, 3D cinema is going to be really big...(KoK) was screened for Nintendo, but I haven't had the chance to speak to anyone over there about it. But I definitely want to have that conversation.

Please, please please... make something inspired by the game into a movie. But don't put Mario on the big screen again. Especially in the case of SPM, it's just not meant to be and my heart can't take it. Thoughts?

Nintendo Wii Super Paper Mario: The Movie? [via gonintendo]


    IS Seth Gordon still thinking of making a SPM movie? Or anyone else for that matter? IReally love the plot of SPM more than anything.

    is this really true, Cause SPM is one of my favorite games and Ive always dreamed of movies based on Mario RPGs...

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