Sweet Releases: Activision, October

activision.jpgConsider this a new regular section of Kotaku Australia – a rundown of upcoming release dates for games, focusing on one or more publishers.

Tracking down Oz dates for games can be tricky, so hopefully with Sweet Releases we can keep you abreast of this precious info, as well as delays and the like. For the inaugural post we have Activision and its plans for October. Hit the jump for the compilation.

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground

Due: 17 October 2007
Platforms: DS: $69.96, PS2: $79.95, Xbox 360: $109.95

Due: 31 October 2007
Platforms: PS3: $119.95, Wii: $99.65

Thrillville: Off the Rails

Due: 17 October 2007
Platforms: PS2: $49.95, Xbox 360: $89.95, Wii: $89.95, DS: $49.95, PC: $49.95, PSP: $49.95

MotoGP 07

Due: 24 October 2007
Platforms: PS2: $79.95


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