Swinging Singles, The NSFW Arcade Game

swinging_singles.gifThe official MAME site contains a mission statement that speaks of the emulator's ongoing development serving "educational [and]preservation purposes" to "prevent many historical games from disappearing forever once the hardware they run on stops working." It's not just a way for pirates and ne'er do wells to laugh in the face of intellectual property. MAME certainly lives up to its mission by giving us a look at something few of us would have been able to experience in 1983, the adult arcade game Swinging Singles by Ent Ent Ltd. It make look like a crude Pac-Man clone, but when your instructions are "drive through maze and try to reach an orgy house" and "avoid V.D. and others get key and go to room for fun" you know you're in for a fun sexy time.

Kanashimi Danny has a review of sorts on his LiveJournal, giving us a look at the very NSFW game that can only be discussed on Kotaku After Dark. You have to jump over pike-wielding herpes viruses and giant enemy crabs to engage in a series of sex acts that involve massive genitalia and the drinking of "hot, wet juice". There's even a promise of "oozing pussy". Man, that's hot.

Lots of pics of Martian Manhunter getting and giving head to a green haired devil girl that might get you fired are at the link below.

A Night In With MAME (part 1) [LiveJournal via Waxy]


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